Know Your Clients’ Risk Tolerance
Pocket Risk is an online

risk tolerance questionnaire

for financial advisors.
It helps you assess how much investment risk your clients are willing to take.

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The Problem With Risk Questionnaires Today

Boilerplate questionnaires

Have you come across those boilerplate questionnaires that are easily gamed and fail to give you an accurate result?

The type of questionnaires you and your clients can’t take seriously but have to do to “check the box”? 67% of the advisors we speak to still use those questionnaires, do you?

Difficult to use

Have you found yourself having to explain a risk tolerance questionnaire to a client or even fill it out for them?

Do you send paper questionnaires or struggle with yet another client online log in?

Not compliant

If the regulator entered your office today and went through your suitability files, would you pass or be worried about a fine?

Have you ever had a client complaint? Are you confident your reputation could survive it without the proper suitability documentation? Would be scrambling for the right paperwork?

Pocket Risk Helps You Know Your Clients And Recommend The Right Investments

Easy For Clients To Complete

– Your clients can complete the questionnaire on paper or online in 5 minutes. They get sent a private link where they can complete it and you get notified immediately when it’s done.

Investor Risk Profile
Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Academic and Compliant Questionnaire

– The questionnaire is robust. It is based on academic research and designed to meet regulator guidelines. Questions cover investment risk tolerance, risk capacity, client financial goals and behavioural finance.

Know Your Clients’ Risk Tolerance

– Assess your clients’ results and discover what is really going on in their head. Spark insightful conversations and build a fruitful relationship.

Risk Tolerance Report
Risk Tolerance Assessment

Recommend The Right Investments

– You can connect the final score to your model portfolios and go straight from discussing risk to identifying investments.

More Than A Questionnaire…

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