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An Insightful Risk Profile Questionnaire

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Built for financial advisors - Onboard clients, assess risk, determine a portfolio

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The Problem with Risk Questionnaires Today

Risk Profiling Image Boilerplate - are you getting actionable information about your clients?

Risk Profiling Image Education - are your clients educated about the risks of investing?

Risk Profiling Image Appropriate Portfolio - are your clients in the appropriate portfolio?

Risk Profiling Image Lost Business - does your questionnaire help show prospects how they are on the wrong investment path?

Why Advisors Choose Pocket Risk

An Accurate Assessment

A scientifically validated questionnaire backed by academic research that helps you understand your clients' risk profile.

Risk Tolerance Desktop Report Image

Risk Tolerance Laptop Image

Insightful Risk Reporting &

Connect To Your Model Portfolios

A detailed report that analyzes your clients' results with the option to connect them to your model portfolios.

More than a questionnaire...

Risk Profile Chart

Risk Profile Chart

Add Your Own Questions, Logo and Branding

Customize Pocket Risk to your own look and feel.

Put The Questionnaire On Your Website

Add the questionnaire to your website and capture leads.

Risk Profile Chart

Risk Profile Chart

Integrations and Mobile

Pocket Risk integrates with Redtail CRM with others to follow. Our questionnaire is mobile friendly.

Meet Your Compliance Needs

Built to help you comply with the SEC and FINRA. Pocket Risk possesses a FINRA Comment Letter.

"Pocket Risk helps my firm win new business"

"Pocket Risk helps my firm win new business. Through accurately assessing a person's risk profile I've been able to show prospects how their existing portfolio failed to meet their needs. As a result prospects have become clients and we've worked to correctly align their portfolios."
Ryan Callan Ryan Callan, Principal, Callan Capital

How You Can Use Pocket Risk

We work with Independent RIAs, IARs, Hybrids, Dually Registered Advisors, Broker-Dealers and others. All use Pocket Risk to...

Risk Profile Questionnaire Uses 1 Qualify Prospects Risk Profile Questionnaire Uses 2 Onboard New Clients Risk Profile Questionnaire Uses 3 Re-Assess Risk During Annual Reviews Risk Profile Questionnaire Uses 4 Client Acquisition

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How To Assess Your Clients’ Risk Profile

Free 6-Part Email Course
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You will learn

The four risks in your clients' risk profile

The latest academic insights from behavioral finance

Where regulators and compliance are going next

Case Study - How one advisor successfully onboards her clients and assesses their risk

"...accurately measures my clients' ability to tolerate market risks"

"I recommend it highly, mostly because it accurately measures my clients' ability to tolerate market risks."
Gene Kowalski Gene Kowalski, Principal, Solitude Financial Services