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Cookies Policy

Last updated: 20th October 2018

When we, Fortune 12 Limited dba Pocket Risk provide our services, we want to make them easy, useful and reliable. Where services are delivered on the internet, this sometimes involves placing small amounts of information on your device, for example, computer or mobile phone. These include small files known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally.

These pieces of information are used to improve services for you through, for example:

  1. Enabling a service to recognize your device so you don’t have to give the same information several times during one task;
  2. Recognising that you may already have given a username and password so you don’t need to do it for every web page requested;
  3. Measuring how many people are using services, so they can be made easier to use and to ensure there’s enough capacity to ensure they are fast.

Our site uses two types of cookies: ‘Session’ and ‘Persistent’.

Session cookies: A session cookie lasts only for the duration of your visit to the website. It will expire when you close your browser, or if you haven’t visited the site for certain period of time (called session idle timeout, in which case, the site will expire/invalidate the user session).

Persistent cookies: A persistent cookie will outlast user sessions. If a persistent cookie has its Max-Age set to 1 year, then, within the year, the initial value set in that cookie would be sent back to site every time the user visits the site. This could be used to record a vital piece of information such as how you initially came to the website. For this reason, persistent cookies are also called tracking cookies.

Although you can refuse the use of cookies anytime, please note that in case you do so, our website could not work properly.

Cookies for measuring visitor numbers

We use Google Analytics to track visitor numbers. For further details about these services please visit here.

Other use of cookies

Occasionally we may use and test a wide array of different internet services to improve your experience with the product and to market to you in the future if you leave our site. If you require further information on this please contact us at [email protected] or check “Our Cookies List” for brief overview on our website’s cookies.