Our Mission Is To Help People Overcome Their
Behavioral Biases So They Can Achieve Their
Long-Term Financial Goals

Our Story

Pocket Risk began in 2012 to solve a simple problem. “How much risk should you take when investing?” It turned out to be a more complex question than expected.

After a long search we came to the following conclusions…

1. How much risk you should take is dependent on your goals, risk tolerance risk capacity and any behavioural biases.

2. Achieving long-term goals is primarily determined by investor psychology and behavior.

Therefore, we’ve primarily built Pocket Risk to give financial advisors the information they need to discover a client’s psychology and behavior. With this information advisors can build lasting portfolios to achieve a client’s goals.


Founded 2012, Launched 2013

In it for the long-haul


London, UK


Aligned with customers, not investors

Assets Under Management

Advisors on our platform manage over $35 billion in assets

Company Hero

Charlie Munger


Available for advisors in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, India and South Africa

Leadership Team

John ndege 3af835dfc0c27934658f69cee8dc52c0330f430665554378ea352cfb836584b4
John Ndege

Hello, my name is John and before founding Pocket Risk I worked at Facebook in New York and London - 2008-2012. When Facebook IPO’d I suddenly had a lot more money to invest and wanted to know my risk profile. Existing tools were not fit for purpose, so I built Pocket Risk.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and a great team we’ve helped 10,000s of people make better decisions about their financial future. I was honoured to be awarded one of the “Top 10 To Watch” in the Wealth management Industry by wealthmanagement.com.

When I am not working on Pocket Risk you can usually find me discussing stoic philosophy, running or talking to my wife about what the world will look like in 2085.

Luke saunders b2217e5e3de0daac9d81d24db100cda8ca4d6415b38b8797b7ab733ef46a9f0e
Luke Saunders

Hello, my name is Luke. I am the technical brains behind Pocket Risk. I did a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence before it was cool and worked on one of the world’s most popular search engines.

When I am not working on Pocket Risk you can find me camping in the countryside or practicing Muay Thai.