Why Advisors Choose Pocket Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Why Advisors Choose Pocket Risk…


“Pocket Risk is a fantastic tool that has become a key component of our discovery process with clients. I
came across Pocket Risk after using a similar online risk questionnaire that just didn’t consistently
represent the client’s true risk tolerance.


It’s been a relief to find a tool that I have confidence in, and is so simple for the client to use.”

C.J. Baxter, CFP®, Axia Wealth

How Firms Get $10,250 In Value Per Advisor, When Using Pocket Risk

Task Practical Value Financial Value Life Value
Compliance Avoid regulator fines and sanctions Avoid client lawsuits Protect your reputation Your business, reputation and years of work

value = $100,000s to Millions
Sleep well at night
Accurate Risk
Profiling And
Financial Planning
Recommending the right investments for your clients Saves you losing at least one client a year

value = $3,000+
Do the best for your clients
Client Acquisition Use risk profile questionnaire to show prospects how they are invested wrong and how you can get them on track Gets you at least one client a year

value = $3,000+
Increase your income
Save at least 30 minutes a week dealing with paper/excel questionnaires and KYC admin Save dozens of hours a year

value = $4,250+
Stop feeling frustrated
Total Less compliance risk More happy clients Less administrative hassle Total Value = $10,000s to Millions

Pocket Risk starts at $59 a month
Easier and more productive life

“I recommend it highly, mostly because it accurately measures my clients’ ability to tolerate market risks.”

Gene Kowalski, Solitude Financial Services