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“When we’ve discussed the Pocket Risk results with clients, they’ve found them to be spot on. The
survey is easy for a lay person to understand and free from useless industry jargon. That’s always a
good thing for us since all new clients are taking the assessment as part of their initial on-boarding.”

Jessica Maldonado, Searcy Financial

Academically robust and
compliant questionnaire.

Pocket Risk advisors manage over $35bn in assets.

Used by tens of thousands of clients in U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, NZ and India

Pocket Risk Questionnaire and Sample Client Report

The Pocket Risk questionnaire is designed to assess your client’s overall risk profile by looking at their goals, risk tolerance and risk capacity. There are a total of 15 questions which take 5 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is available online and on paper.

The Questionnaire

Questionnaire helps you capture client goals

Questionnaire looks at past client behavior so you can anticipate future behavior.

Questionnaire uses real-life historical examples. Question 3 uses US, UK, Canadian, Australian, Indian or Worldwide data based on your country.

You can use US or World data for this question.

Latter questions look your clients’ risk capacity. This is scored separately from earlier risk tolerance questions.

Client reports are available to view online and download as PDF.

Optional – You can add your own model portfolios, branding and questions to Pocket Risk.

Sample Client Report

Risk tolerance score aligns with the percentage of equities or growth assets client is comfortable with.